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The birth of a perfume is a long and difficult path, but at the same time made of absolute precision, meticulousness and delicacy.

There are different methods to extract the essence from the raw materials, just think that from the original maceration of the flowers in olive oil to modern techniques, the industry has made considerable progress, sometimes however limited by the fragility of the raw materials used.
In our laboratories, first we carefully select the best and certified aromatic essences and then mix them with a special alcohol for perfumes, using in this mix of aromas, proportions that allow us to produce fragrances with concentrations classified PARFUM and extract.
This mixture, which macerates at different degrees below zero for several weeks, in special stainless steel tanks, allows all the components to mix better.
A period of maturation of this, allows us to create intense and persistent fragrances for long periods of time.
Subsequently, after maturation, the solution is filtered with specific filters, having a section of a few microns, to eliminate the precipitates (sediments from maceration).
Only after filtering, the perfume is ready for bottling and packaging! Every single phase of the production is subject to strict and accurate controls and obviously all the perfumes are made following a secret recipe protected by a patent.

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