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Edo' s Luxury is a brand of luxury perfumes art is created to satisfy the demand of all those who are looking for exclusivity and uniqueness.


The idea comes from Luke Uliano , perfumer Neapolitan for over two decades and founder of the brand.

With the collaboration of experts fragranzieri international formula unique fragrances and sensual, to express his dream on the nose.

The fragrance ,originally produced for a small circle of intimate people , met with such success as to be put into production for a wider audience.

Thanks to the collaboration of companies ,which have been sold and the formulations are protected by patents ,and today the company has to be able to reach a broader audience, but without losing sight of the principles and values of the perfumery the Italian craftsmanship.

A wonderful contemporary journey through the dreams and the fears of a young boy growing up on the edge of the outskirts of naples

The uniqueness of the productions Edo's luxury are characterized from the choice of raw materials, which must comply with the quality criteria very high ,to the bottling of the scent .

In our production process nothing is left to chance and every operation , every gesture , every tool or person that has both a specific function designed and tested that has been repeated for over twenty years !

A magic perpetual patience and passion.















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